Impasse: Megan Mosholder

“Impasse” is a new mixed media installation incorporating light, sheer fabric and iridescent thread that will divide the physical space of the Living Arts Gallery. Mosholder will draw attention to current physical drawings already “on display” in the gallery space. These drawings will be emphasized through a variety of sculptural mediums, site-specific artworks built with the intention of slowing the viewer down so that they can appreciate the space for what it was, what it is, and what it can be.

Nature, Fashion and War: Julie Peppito

“Nature, Fashion, and War” – is a comprise of mixed-media tapestries and large-scale charcoal that draw connections between our seemingly human desire to buy new belongings verse the impact our consumerism has on the environment. The tapestries in Nature, Fashion, and War contain objects that were on their way to becoming trash. At one time these items were fast fashion clothing, status symbols, or served a functional purpose. By smashing, wrapping, and sewing these objects into canvas and other pliable surfaces, Peppito combines their stories into larger topographical narratives.