Artist Paul Waddell will show performance work at the Philbrook Museum of Art today, from 1-2pm.  Many Great Works are Misunderstood will likely carry Waddell’s aesthetic temperament toward activating a series of objects in real time/space in order to generate a series of curious, and collectively mimetic, images which speak to  shared cultural memory and personal plight.

Waddell performed Interference in Urban planning, every child has a song to sing
Every shirt must be washed every stone must be thrown. Every window broke, every door
open. Aspiration and experience simultaneously :My body is a symbol, your body is a sign at the New Genre Arts Festival at Living Arts on March 2nd, 2018. The approximately 45-minute work presented viewers with a series of images ranging from physically intense, brief instances of breakage and struggle, to open-ended moments of pause: developing a cinematic time/space between physical bursts and harrowing holds; all set against the acrid smell of open Tecate beer cans and a hyped-out soundtrack of pop songs.