Living Arts National Performance Featured Performance

Media Contact: Stratton Brooks Communication Administrator 918-585-1234


TULSA - Living Arts will host Bug Davidson for a National Performance Network feature titled Johnny Laguardia’s Trintron Mixtape. The events will be on October 19th & 20th at 8:00 PM at Living Arts of Tulsa.

Johnny Laguardia’s Trinitron Mixtape is an experimental play that haunts the viewer as a live movie, radio play and dance piece in one performance hybrid. The show explores the personal narrative of Blanche Barrow, one time member and longest survivor of the Bonnie and Clyde gang, to stir sensational imagery of manifest destiny, gendered violence, southern longevity and longing. Mixtape is a tribute to analog dreamscapes, sculptures of early video art, the voice behind the microphone, punk carpentry, den carpet television overload, sleuthing a live feed and a performative / collaborative installation.

Bug Davidson is a returning artist to our organization. Their immersive video installation was teh backdrop featured during our New Genre Engagement Dinner of March 2018. Living Arts is located at 307 East Brady St. Tulsa, OK. 74063. The event is free to the public. Any other information contact Stratton at