telatúlsa is proud to present Hamlet: El Príncipe de Denmark by William Shakespeare, translated by Editorial Porrúa, adapted and directed by Tara Moses. The show will run at Living Arts, November 3 – November 11, 2018. Tickets are on sale now.

Hamlet: El Príncipe de Denmark

The bilingual production takes place during the Indigenous Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos in the midst of a colonization battle. However, unlike the thousands of celebrations before, a ghost returns to seek revenge for his unnatural death by the hands of his brother. Hamlet must fulfill his late father's wishes while protecting his culture as the new regime attempts to erase it for greed, land, and power shown to them by England and Spain. Director Tara Moses assures that “this is a play for theatre lovers, first-time goers, the Latinx community, those who speak Spanish, those who don't, and everyone in-between. The story we’re telling is powerful and deliberately nuanced so that all who experience this poignant piece will walk away talking about the story not wondering what was said.” Xavier Santiago, who plays the title role, added “I have an overwhelming sense that this Spanish-language adaptation, combined with our director’s artistically inclusive vision, makes this project something more than just a production of Hamlet... it elevates a ubiquitous work we’re all familiar with into something culturally empowering and newly relevant.”

The play is being presented as part of the Día de Los Muertos Festival. “The play opens with three people placing ofrendas on the altars of their loved ones, and while you are watching the actors on stage, you’re surrounded by altars built by people in our community here in Tulsa. That was definitely one of the reasons for the decision to perform in the round in this absolutely perfect venue,” Tara Moses remarked. Doors open an hour before each performance, so that audience members can peruse the gallery filled with educational materials about Día de Los Muertos and community altars making for a special night at the theatre.

Featuring an all Latinx and Indigenous cast, this Hamlet isn’t the Hamlet you learned about in school and is an experience you don’t want to miss. Telatúlsa, formerly known as Tulsa Latino Theatre Company, is Tulsa’s only theatre company. dedicated to creating evocative, Latino-based work for diverse audiences.

Show Information

Saturday, 11/3 at 8 pm, doors open at 7 pm
Sunday, 11/4 at 2 pm, doors open at 1 pm
Friday, 11/9 at 8 pm, doors open at 7 pm
Saturday, 11/10 at 8 pm, doors open at 7 pm
Sunday, 11/11 at 2 pm, doors open at 1 pm

Tickets $5 - $15

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