Music for Enchanted Rock

February 22nd, 2019


The Music for Enchanted Rock multi-media performance features stunning landscape photography, audio recordings of the legends of Enchanted Rock, and the music of Montopolis that Texas Monthly calls "the great long-lost collaboration between Ennio Morricone and Phillip Glass that we didn't know we were missing."

These compositions for string trio, pedal steel, and piano are inspired by the beloved Central Texas landmark "Enchanted Rock" and evoke the grandeur of the southwestern landscape. They modulate from expanses of drone and noise sculptures to counterpoint and melody driven songs. Western themes are slowed to a geologic tempo and wrapped in layers of slowly morphing harmony, paying homage to the mythological and the sacred. This is a uniquely Texan approach to modern classical music with influences ranging from Bob Wills to Arvo Part.


For the last decade, Justin Sherburn has toured with renowned indie rock group Okkervil River, composed for feature films, and produced music for Texas theater and dance companies, all while refining the unique approach to modern classical music represented on “Music for Enchanted Rock”. His ensemble Montopolis inspires responsible stewardship of natural resources through multimedia performances that celebrate the beauty of nature and human interaction with the land. Their events seek to provide a platform for scientists to deliver facts about climate change and foster a politics-free space to discuss the most vital issue of our generation.