Infinite Mimicry

April 22, 2019 // 6 PM - 9 PM

Infinite Mimicry is an interactive video instillation that will explore the tradition of imitation in art through the recreation of cultural touchstones. Drawing inspiration from the Fluxus Movement of performance art in the late 1950s and the works of renowned artists like Cindy Sherman and Andy Warhol, Infinite Mimicry invites the audience to take part in discovering what it means to mimic art through the lens of 21st century culture.

Infinite Mimicry will feature performance work by yungsnickers.

This Pop Up Exhibition is curated by University of Tulsa students Saige Gabbard, Emily Hammond, Jolie Hossack, Alexandra Kaste, Sina McLin, Strephon O’Brien, and Ricky Roacho.