School's Out! New Arts Youth Council Final Exhibition: Empath

On view from May 3rd- May 22nd 2019

Empathy is a very broad topic with many different interpretations that it is hard to establish a baseline to jump off of. In the weeks before the exhibit, the artists discussed what it truly means to be empathetic. How could one center an exhibit around “Empathy” when the definition is relative to personal experience? So, they defined what “Empathy” meant to them: a profound need to help and feel the emotions of the other person.


After they got the initial definition established, it was a storm of creative processes. Walls were decorated, canvases were painted, songs were made, fun was had. Through it all, they learned to use empathy with each other to make art. The show is a product of this communal production of empathy; empathy for each other and each other’s processes and ideas. They learned how to share their ideas with others in the group and made use of the allotted gallery space. This collaborative process was important to both their development as artists and the production of the show.