2019 marked the celebration of Living Arts of Tulsa’s 50th Anniversary.  While we have had much to celebrate over the past 50 years, we are reaching out to in hopes that you will once again ReMember Living Arts, and join us as we work to write the next chapter of its legacy.

This is a very pivotal moment for Living Arts.  The importance of our mission is very clear, but our ability to be strategic and sustainable in the immediate future is dependent upon the support of its stakeholders – past, present and future.  Our board members, staff and community partners recognize that Living Arts can and must live up to its potential, but in order to do that we need your help.  

We ask you to ReMember our mission to make art available and approachable for everyone.  ReMember your positive experiences with Living Arts. ReMember our amazing history and our goal to attain our best potential in the future.  ReMember the impact Living Arts has had on Tulsa Arts Community. And ReMember the difference Living Arts made in you. Please take a moment to ReMember Living Arts of Tulsa with an end of year gift that could literally change the trajectory of our organization’s future.   A future that is more strategic, sustainable and in line with our mission to serve our members and our community.

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Sponsorship Levels

ReMember the Mission – $10,000

ReMember the Experience – $7,500

ReMember the Artists – $5,000

ReMember the Students – $2,500

ReMember the Events – $1,000

ReMember the Programming – $500

ReMember the Moment – $250

See graphic for breakdown of included benifits for each sponsorship level: