Feburary 7-22, 2020

Opening on Feburary 7th (First Friday) from 6:00-9:00 PM

This exhibition is intended to highlight the unique talents found within the Tulsa Arts community. We encourage our member artists to activate the gallery space at Living Arts and continue creating art that makes you talk.

Participating Artists: Andrea Martin, Ann Shannon, Ariana Jakub, Brice Duncan, Callan Dullea, Carla Treadway, Claire Zevnik, Cristiana Prado, Dean Wyatt, Destiny Green, Diana Witty, Diane Salamon, Drew Davis, E.G. Neal, Erica Royal, Esther Sartain, Gabriel Rojas, Hershel Self, Jared Boyd, Jay Exon, Jim Terrell, Joe Kissinger, Josh Stout, Karen Lamb, Kenny McCage, Kristin Gentry, Kristin Wright, Lauren Lunsford, Laurie Spencer, Linda Dunbar, Linda Shackelford, Mary Whitney, Meredith Hoosier, Michael Palazzo, Nicole Donis, Pam Watson, Pamela Smith, Pat Meyer, Penni Gage, Rita Rowe, Rosemary Daugherty, Sandi Willhite, Scott Goodpaster, Scott Taylor, Steve Tomlin, Susan Michael, Taylor Painter-Wolfe, and Yusef Etudaiye