Living Arts of Tulsa Statement

Living Arts’ mission is to present and develop contemporary art in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We believe critically-engaged art is essential within a diverse arts-ecology and a catalyst for social change.

We join forces with those who are raising their voices and taking a stand against racism. We recognize it is no longer enough to be inclusive. These horrors have not and will not go away by our individual or organization’s ethical or inclusive actions. It is not enough. We must exclude racism in any form.

Art can educate, empower, bring change, bring light, and inspire hope. Our organization rests within the Greenwood District - the original Black Wall Street location. We vow to use our platform to not only stand for equality, but to fight racism.

We stand with all the protesters and those directly affected by systemic racism. Living Arts of Tulsa supports the organized efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement and feel it is imperative to make our position known. #blackouttuesday