Quarantine Showcase: Art & Artists in Isolation

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Exhibition Description:

This exhibition is a collection of works created during Quarantine for COVID-19 from March-May, 2020. The inspiration for this exhibition’s premise came from the etymology of a quarantine: a period, originally 40 days, of isolation to prevent the spread of disease.

Things we all took for granted, like social gatherings and our need for creative outlets, really came to light as we spent weeks quarantined in our homes. For artists, quarantine was an interesting time to navigate. On one hand, normal avenues of exhibiting artwork and connecting with new people or clients were stifled by galleries closing. On the other hand, it allowed for plenty of time to explore artistic practices and create work uninhibited by daily obligations or distractions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new experience for most of us, one that will be in every history book moving forward. One of the roles artists play in society is to respond to big changes – to produce creative documentation of their lived experience. This exhibition will act as a living, breathing archive of our times.

Participating Artists:

Kayla Marie Andrus, Thomas Arens, Petra Baye, Rachel Belous, Caryn Brown, Erin Daughtery, Blake Dean, Karina Dickman, Roger Disney, John Gaskill, Scott Goodpaster, Faith Green, Journei Green, Rebekah Griffith, Hannah Hanley, Ariana Jakub, Anne Pollard James, Hunter-Denise Johnson, Karen Lamb, Collette Lemons, Andrea Martin, Nichole Montgomery, Serafina Niss, Michael Palazzo, Dan Lynh Pham, Jill Pinkerton, Dustin Pittsley, Cristiana Prado, Bobby Price, Jean Quinn, Cheryl Capps Roach, Gabriel Rojas, Rita Rowe, Erica Royal, Jillian Rutherford, Linda Shackelford, Raymond Short, Marie Sullivan, Scott Taylor, Salvador Tiscareno, Elyssa Wallace, Pam Watson, Sandi Willhite, and Chris Wright