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Living Arts of Tulsa is excited to announce that Champagne & Chocolate will take place on February 27, 2021 from 7:30-10:00 pm.

We will offer hybrid programming with limited in-person opportunities and virtual experiences.  The Living Arts of Tulsa Board of Directors is also honoring Tulsa artist Connie Segall at this year’s event.

In-Person Tickets - $90

  • This ticket is for an in-person experience in the gallery on February 27, 2020. This will include programming such as the fashion show, live artist presentations, and more.

Virtual Tickets - $45 

  • This ticket is for our virtual experience. Since gallery tickets are limited, we are offering a variety of live-streams and virtual programming opportunities to enjoy remotely. You will receive a drink ticket voucher to redeem at any Living Arts event or First Friday during 2021.

2021 Champagne & Chocolate Sponsorship Packet

  • Presenting Sponsor - $25,000
  • Dom Perignon - $10,000
  • Perrier Jouet - $5,000
  • Bollinger - $2,500
  • Veuve Clicquot - $1,000
  • Chandon - $500

Thank you to our current sponsors!

Veuve Clicquot
Paul and TJ Warren
Luxe Home Interiors
David Kroll

KKT Architecture
Jason and Heather Duncan
Brooke Hamilton
Robert Price

Special Thanks
Clary Sage

Living Arts reserves the right to shift the in-person VIP reception to a virtual experience to ensure the safety of our artists, patrons, and staff. Should the event go virtual, Champagne & Chocolate will be delivered to the sponsor's home or business.Donors may opt in to VIRTUAL SPONSORSHIP AT ANY TIME.

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Member Showcase Exhibition

The Champagne & Chocolate Member Showcase will feature 24 artists with more than 100 works being displayed.  The artwork in this exhibition displays the diversity of our member artists in both skill and media, ranging from woodworking to painting.  Local artist Connie Segall is featured as our 2021 honoree. This exhibition was curated by Diane Salamon.

Online Catalog HERE

Participating Artists: 

  • Linda Alred
  • Bea Baker
  • Katrinka Booth
  • William Brill
  • Cheryl Capps Roach
  • Robert Carlson
  • Carlos Gomez
  • Scott Goodpaster
  • Faith Green
  • Jay Hinley
  • Ariana Jakub
  • Anna Kallstrom
  • Karen Lamb
  • Rebecca Luper
  • Dustin Pittsley
  • Anne Pollard James
  • Cristiana Prado
  • Bobby Price
  • Rita Rowe
  • Jon Solek
  • Scott Taylor
  • Salvador Tiscareno
  • Pam Watson
  • Petra Zimmerman

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2021 Honoree - Connie Segall

ARTIST CONNIE SEGALL lives life on her own terms. She has neither an answering machine nor a computer. She wears no watch. She goes to bed at 4 p.m. and gets up at 1 a.m. Then she walks her three dogs and has coffee, goes to an all-night gym to swim, and comes home to rest. At about 5:30 a.m., she starts painting. She paints on-and-off all day.

Her ranch-style home is one large artist’s studio. The walls are covered floor to ceiling with her paintings. Acrylics and watercolors — she specializes in painting women and cats — are stacked and piled everywhere. Oversized paintings are leaned against every surface.

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Drunken Artists

We will have several local artists doing live paintings & sculpture for this year's Champagne & Chocolate event from 7:30-11:00 pm!  All paintings will be recorded and featured as part of our virtual programming.

  • Michael Palazzo

I choose to make visuals that strike the heart, my heart then perhaps yours. The emotional exploration involved in art is what allows us to see, and at times it shows us how it is significantly different from something that merely accents the furniture. All I ask is when you make your view, or your stance, make sure you look close, you might miss someone's soul.

  • Cara Cox

Cara is a lifelong creative who dabbles in a multitude of mediums from the stage to the screen to abstract artwork to name a few. Her passion in life is to give back to others and to brighten up the world one creative expression at a time. Our world needs the therapeutic power of art to heal our souls and create a brighter future for us all.  Her sincere desire is to pass on the gift of creativity to future generations.

  • Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor is a contemporary pop artist that creates vivid works of art for his clients and patrons all around the world. He debuted in 2014 with wall pieces featuring boldly colored abstract compositions and shapes. Since then, he has continued to shift and grow, and has settled into contemporary impressionism as the most fitting style for his vision and heart. Using almost everything he can get his hands on, from acrylic, to spray paint, to chalk pastels and unique objects in his studio, his projects seem united by a desire to inspire and create joy and happiness. He also is the founder and Executive Creative of Colorpop Art Lab, A art and design firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • Yusef Etudaiye

Yusuf Etudaiye is a contemporary African Artist, born in Nigeria on the west coast of Africa. At the age of 19 , he came to the US to study. He received an Associate degree from Norther Oklahoma College in Tonkawa Oklahoma. He later received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Oklahoma State University. Now works as a clay instructor at Waterworks Art Center here in Tulsa. He looks at Art as not just a matter of talent but rather a process of evolution.

  • Pam Watson

Pam has had an interest in art and design for over 25 years. She began her journey with a strong interest in fiber arts, then later shifted to jewelry design, glass blowing, clay work and now abstract painting. She found her passion for painting in 2016 after attending several abstract painting workshops in Tulsa, OK. She has an eye for color and shapes and relies on the intuitive process to finish her composition. She enjoys using texture and layers to create history in her paintings as well as trying new techniques. Pam is known for her experimentation and natural ability to create excitement for her art. Pam primarily works with

  • Bobby Price

An artist statement...huh...an artist statement...I smile when hear that, as I consider myself an “accidental” artist. Art and the creation of art came to me very late in life but in a short time is making a profound difference in my path. A chance encounter with an enthusiastic artist started my transition from engineer to artist.

  • Josh Stout

Art, my outlet has become my voice. The filtration between the brain and the hand. A direct influence of every experience in my life combined towards a single subject. Born an artist. My entire life has led to being an artist. Creating, exploring and experiencing life and how it affects one’s outlook on the world. Ultimately how all these views are transferred through a medium.

Fashion Show

The Champagne and Chocolate Runway Show is intended to highlight the unique talents the Tulsa arts community has to offer and encourage past, present, and future member artists to display their creativity at Living Arts and continue creating art that makes you talk.

This year, due to COVID, the fundraiser will be primarily virtual. All programming and exhibition information will be in a hybrid format with opportunities to be in person and online. This runway show will be in person for a limited audience (if CDC and local health department guidance allows), with all COVID procedures taken and followed. The show will also be streaming online as part of the fundraiser.

Please note: this runway show will be juried, meaning that a committee of artists and creators will be selecting the works that are featured in this show. There will be a prize of $400 to the first place winner, $200 to the second-place winner, and $100 to the third-place winner.

Participating Artists: 

  • Kyra Bruce
  • Faith Green
  • Lauren Lunsford
  • Casey McLerran
  • Michael Palazzo
  • Leatrice Parker
  • Haley Scott

Other Event Programming

Music Performance 

  • Nicholas Foster

Nicholas Foster is a percussionist/songwriter/teacher from Tulsa, OK. He has played in a variety of bands around the Oklahoma area, including Green Corn Rebellion, Henna Roso and Grazzhopper, among others. His project Knipple with bassist Jordan Hehl is an exploration of the structure of a duo, relying on both the instruments and various electronics in an attempt to make a lively and diverse concert experience with only two performers.

  • Jordan Hehl 


Spoken Word Performances 

  • Clarissa Collins

Claire Collins is a poet, educator, and actor. Their stewardship includes a passion for prison reform in America. They are the co-founder of Poetic Justice, an educational program within the Criminal Justice System, which aims to empower female inmates through poetry. Claire considers their role as a poet to be driven with the intention to illuminate, inspire & liberate.

Artist Statement: As a non-binary artist I look to integrate the feminine and masculine energies that are present within myself and the world. I aim to center narratives around queer joy. I’m intent on telling stories that celebrate happy endings for the queer community. I want to celebrate not just my sexuality but my connection with the divine, the fluidity that allows me to access all of my magic. Being open to love is what makes us powerful.

  • Phetoe Mshairi

Phetote Mshairi is an advocate for the power of Love, words, wisdom, and the evolution of the individual for the benefit of the collective. Poetry is his lifelong passion. Phetote is the owner of New Greenwood, LLC; a Tulsa Artist Fellowship fellow; and a Greenwood Art Project artist. He is an event curator, performing artist, civil rights activist, poetry slam champion, award winning actor, author, copywriter, songwriter, host, and keynote speaker from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Langston University. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity Inc. He mentors young people as a member of 100 Black Men of Tulsa. Phetote is on the Poetry/Spoken-word Committee at Living Arts of Tulsa. He conducts poetry workshops and occasionally participates in the Artist in the Schools program with ahha (formerly Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa). Phetote writes like righteousness and sin are at the whim of his pen.

  • Jerica Wortham

Event Auction

Local businesses and artists have gone above and beyond to support Living Arts of Tulsa by donating a variety of items for our online silent auction.  The auction will remain open until March 13th at 2:00 pm.  


Virtual Content

This year we will be providing a wide range of virtual content.  Please stay tuned for the official schedule for programming!