Project Statement

Tulsa Creates Together is a site-specific art campaign presented by Living Arts of Tulsa and sponsored by the George Kaiser Family Foundation. This project aims to encourage collaboration between Tulsa artists and local businesses, culminating in site-based art projects sprawling across our city. Living Arts will be facilitating a rolling grant program and would like to invite artists and businesses alike to submit project proposals to create murals, site-specific artwork, and installation projects.

We will be accepting and reviewing proposals, bi-monthly with a committee comprised of community members, artists and staff. We will be awarding grants after reviewing complete proposals, budgets, and timelines.

Let’s #createinthe918

Artist Application:
Site Application:

We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis with selections happening on the following dates:

Round 1 of Selection
Selected Artist: Taylor Painter-Wolfe

Round 2 of Selection
Selected Artists: Cult Love & Christopher Grant

Round 3 of Selection
Deadline: January 15, 2022


Living Arts prides itself on being a transparent organization so we hope to answer your questions as clearly as possible. Tulsa Creates Together has placed a large emphasis on collaboration and we intend to structure this program to be helpful to our artists, projects, and sites alike.

What are the selection criteria for this project?
The installations included in this project will be chosen by the selection committee. The selection committee will be using a rubric to review all applications. This rubric will be made available to applicants as they advance in the selection process.

Additional information will be requested by the Living Arts staff to accompany the application before going to the selection committee for consideration. This may include a meeting with select committee members to discuss the application and project, or review budgets. With that information, we will be able to determine how many applicants will be selected per round, as well as the funds that they will be granted.

Are there any budget parameters for this project?
With this funding, we will be facilitating as many projects as possible, so there aren’t specific budget parameters or restraints. This project is meant to provide funding to artists. We will work with local businesses to help match approved projects with sites.

What are the funding amounts?
The grant awards for this project will range from $500 - $10,000. Grants may or may not cover all expenses included in the proposed project budget.

What can I use my grant funds on?
Living Arts will be providing artists with grants that may be applied toward supplies, construction, artists’ time, and potential programming associated with the installations.

How many projects will you be funding?
We aim to select at least 3 projects per selection round. However, we are hopeful that we will be able to fund more projects, up to $50,000 in total grants awarded during the 2021-2022 grant cycle.

Am I allowed to submit more than one project?
Artists may submit more than one proposal and a project that is not accepted in an earlier round, may still be considered or resubmitted with edits for future grant deadlines. We will give priority to new project proposals if your project has been previously funded.

What support will be available to me through the application process?
Living Arts will be hosting workshops in early August to assist artists with their questions. We will announce these workshop dates in the coming weeks. Please check our social media and this page for dates and details.