Project Statement

Tulsa Creates Together is a site-specific art campaign presented by Living Arts of Tulsa and sponsored by the George Kaiser Family Foundation.  This project aims to encourage collaboration between Tulsa artists and local businesses, culminating in site-based art projects sprawling across our city.  Living Arts will be facilitating a rolling grant program and would like to invite artists and businesses alike to submit project proposals to create murals, site-specific artwork, and installation projects.

We will be accepting and reviewing proposals, bi-monthly with a committee comprised of community members, artists and staff.  We will be awarding grants after reviewing complete proposals, budgets, and timelines.

Let’s #createinthe918 #tulsacreatestogether

Selected Projects

Carmen Taylor

It features 3 kids seated on the backs of scissor-tailed flycatchers soaring through the air. The kids are engaged in whimsical play as they throw paper airplanes and fly a toy plane while waving the Tulsa flag with pride. Two of the Scissor-tailed flycatchers are holding Indian Paintbrushes as the fly in front of the bold IMAGINE. The 'G' in 'Imagine' is designed to meld into the shape of Oklahoma with a heart indicating where Tulsa (home) is. The purpose of this mural is to inspire kids and those who are kids at heart to imagine the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

Location: Tulsa International Airport (Departing Flights Entrance), 7777 Airport Dr, Tulsa, OK 74115


Taylor Painter-Wolfe

The project will be a large fiber art piece based on the geography and layout of Tulsa, using satellite images as inspiration. This project provides me with an excellent opportunity to stretch my limits and work larger than I ever have before and I am planning to make this the largest piece I have ever created. This piece, like all of my work, will be made of felted wool that I make and dye by hand. Outside of the thread that I buy to stitch on top of the felt, I create all of my own materials. I first learned how to felt and dye wool in the early 2000s as a student in the fiber department at the Kansas City Art Institute and it has been my primary medium ever since. I have been creating what I call abstract landscapes, for the past 6 years. My inspiration for this work comes from aerial photography, satellite images, and textures and shapes found in nature.

Location: Vast Bank Downtown Lobby (Coming soon!)


Cult Love Collective 

This project will be a collaborative installation between artists who utilize stickers as a medium to engage their community. A large scale, adhesive-based, collage mural representing each artist’s style to be enjoyed by the public.  An open call will be launched by Cult Love and four artists will be selected based on visual compatibility, graphic strength, and Tulsa Community involvement.

Formed in 2015, Cult Love is a Tulsa, OK based multidisciplinary art and music collective. Cult Love’s artistic practice consists of sound art, videography, curation, installation, and beyond. As arts workers, Cult Love aims to create immersive connections between art and its viewers within the community.

Location: Coming Soon!


Grant Stacy

This mural is to promote regenerative agricultural practices, create a more sustainable future financially and ecologically, and provide some beauty for our community. The final image will be a pastoral scene with an abundance of variety. QR codes integrate technology into the project and add a secondary experience when viewers use phones to interact. The piece will be painted in the direct method. I've worked on a veggie and fruit farm, a rotationally grazed ranch, and saw the value of everyone having a relationship with the food they eat. I hope they will!

Location: 2729 Charles Page Blvd. Tulsa, OK 74127 (Coming Soon!)


Jamie Pierson

This mural will celebrate Tulsan Bruce Goff, not only for his work as an architect, but his work as an educator in the field of architecture. Goff is known locally for his early work, buildings like the Boston Avenue Methodist Church or the Spotlight Theater, but he had an influence on the built environment here in Oklahoma and around the world beyond the works he designed. Goff also led the school of architecture at the University of Oklahoma from 1947 to 1955. At a time when most architectural education strictly followed the Beaux Arts or Bauhaus movements, Goff created a wholly unique curriculum that would be later known as The American School of Architecture. He encouraged them to start by considering the context of a building, and the needs and desires of their clients. Students at OU were taught to look to the architectural history of the non-Western world, to the shapes of everyday objects, the natural world. But when time came to create, he famously told them, “Do not try to remember,” and to trust their own instincts.

Location: Coming Soon!


Tammy Mercure

This mural will be titled "People of 61st & Peoria." I moved to Tulsa in October through the Tulsa Remote program. Site unseen, we rented a house a block off 61st & Peoria. This corner is constantly in the news as crime ridden and dangerous. Our experience living on the corner has been much different. It is a thriving neighborhood with a diverse population. "The People of 61st& Peoria" is individual portraits of faces wheat-pasted as a quilt-like pattern on the sides of businesses in the neighborhood with colors of the Tulsa flag. I hope that it adds beauty to the neighborhood, creates pride for the people photographed, and gets those outside the neighborhood to consider the individuals, like me, who live here.

Location: Coming Soon!


Emily Simonds

Out in deep space, there is a cosmic structure known as the BOSS Great Wall. This structure is shaped roughly like a grid and is composed of over 800 galaxies. Planets, stars, and nebulae weave together to form a shape not unlike a spider web. Imagine if a piece of that cosmic webbing was built here on Earth. We could experience it as if it was glowing within reach right above us in our night sky instead of 5 billion lightyears away. I want to build a piece of this cosmic webbing contoured into a graceful arc, as if this piece of the universe was pouring down from a glass. The structure of the web would be fabricated from round metal pipes (each piece manually bent and welded together). I would then fabricate individual planets, stars, and nebulae as well as other celestial bodies from colorful translucent resin. These celestial bodies would be threaded like vibrant cosmic beads along the shaped pieces of the metal frame. Each celestial body would have a special resin additive within it, allowing it to charge up during the day, and glow brightly and vibrantly all night. During the day, the colors and winding web of this structure will catch the eye, forming a different shape depending on which angle you look at it from. Throughout the day, these celestial bodies will charge, and as the sun goes down, they will begin to glow with the majesty of the vast depths of space.

Location: Coming Soon!


Living Arts prides itself on being a transparent organization so we hope to answer your questions as clearly as possible. Tulsa Creates Together has placed a large emphasis on collaboration and we intend to structure this program to be helpful to our artists, projects, and sites alike.

What are the selection criteria for this project?
The installations included in this project will be chosen by the selection committee. The selection committee will be using a rubric to review all applications. This rubric will be made available to applicants as they advance in the selection process.

Additional information will be requested by the Living Arts staff to accompany the application before going to the selection committee for consideration. This may include a meeting with select committee members to discuss the application and project, or review budgets. With that information, we will be able to determine how many applicants will be selected per round, as well as the funds that they will be granted.

Are there any budget parameters for this project?
With this funding, we will be facilitating as many projects as possible, so there aren’t specific budget parameters or restraints. This project is meant to provide funding to artists. We will work with local businesses to help match approved projects with sites.

What are the funding amounts?
The grant awards for this project will range from $500 - $10,000. Grants may or may not cover all expenses included in the proposed project budget.

What can I use my grant funds on?
Living Arts will be providing artists with grants that may be applied toward supplies, construction, artists’ time, and potential programming associated with the installations.

How many projects will you be funding?
We aim to select at least 3 projects per selection round. However, we are hopeful that we will be able to fund more projects, up to $50,000 in total grants awarded during the 2021-2022 grant cycle.

Am I allowed to submit more than one project?
Artists may submit more than one proposal and a project that is not accepted in an earlier round, may still be considered or resubmitted with edits for future grant deadlines. We will give priority to new project proposals if your project has been previously funded.

What support will be available to me through the application process?
Living Arts will be hosting workshops in early August to assist artists with their questions. We will announce these workshop dates in the coming weeks. Please check our social media and this page for dates and details.