Oh, Tulsa! 2021 Biennial

Oh, Tulsa! is Living Arts' biennial that celebrates the unique talents that the Tulsa arts community has to offer and encourage the community to come together to share what they love about Tulsa. This exhibition is about Tulsa, for Tulsa, and by Tulsa!

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Tuesday and Wednesday viewings are available by appointment only between 12:00-4:00 PM. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are open for gallery hours from 12:00-4:00 PM with limited capacity. Please set up a private viewing by calling or texting 918.585.1234.

Guest Curator: Daniel Mooney

Selected Artists: Kenzie Adair, Chelsey Becker, Andrea Bell Mason, Kaci Bernadin, Katrinka Booth, David Boynton, William Brill, Cindy Brill, Cheryl Capps Roach, Rob Carlson, Beatrice Carrington, Justine Cherwink, Madison Clary, Justin Damien Ortiz, Lizzie Di Silvestro, Anke Dodson, David Douthitt, Shannon Eddington, Yusuf Etudaiye, Alyssa Fields, Terrecia Foster, Austin Gober, Scott Goodpaster, Faith Green, Destiny Green, Karen Greenawalt, Mark Grosserode, Alex Haga, DJ Hejtmanek, Joshua Harris, Lauren Henson, Alicia Hill, Jay Hinley, Constance Howees, Kally Jones, Myles Karcher, Brittany Kelley, Lauren Kerr, Karen Lamb, Anitra Lavanhar, Kate Lehman, Robert Little, Andrea Martin, Nichole Montgomery, Linda Moody, Andrew Nichols, Carissa Pankey, Jill Pinkerton, Spencer Plumlee, Anne Pollard James, Cristiana Prado, Robert Price, Kelsey Quick, Jean Quinn, Angela Reaves, Sarah Robl, Gabriel Rojas, Amanda Ruyle, Cameron Shipley, Raymond Short, Janet Skates, Matt Smith, Tami Smith, Laurie Spencer, Kenna Stimson, Scott Taylor, Jim Terrell, Salvadore Tiscareno, Bryan Turnham, Kathy Waeger, Jessica Walker, Kathryn Webster, Larry Wilkins, Jordyn Winett, Todd Woodlan, and Petra Baye Zimmerman