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“Ever since I became active in Living Arts, and shared posts and pictures, I get comments and questions from people regularly about what's going on at Living Arts, and then they go to exhibitions or events and they learn things!! It's so encouraging to see new people learning things from programs provided by LA. Día De Los Muertos, for example, has educated so many on the cultural background and importance of this day in hispanic culture.”
- Derek Ball

“I view Living Arts as a cultural hub that cares about the artists and artistic endeavors to propel Tulsa's creative scene. I feel supported, appreciated and heard by this organization, and am grateful for their generosity towards me and the community.”
- Tina Henley

“The Living Arts gave me an opportunity to be seen and heard. Without any prior history with the organization they gave me my first solo exhibition, and it gave me the confidence to continue to seriously contribute more of my work to the rest of the city for the past couple years. They trusted my work and this relationship between gallery and artist and giving moral support is critical for new art to be seen, made, and heard.”
- Michael Palazzo

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A gift made to Living Arts is a gift that goes back into the community. Your support ensures that our community continues to be exposed to cultures and topics that are often overlooked.

We are the catalyst for contemporary art in Tulsa and it is due to gifts like yours that we are able to continue presenting works that challenge and open a discourse.

A gift made to Living Arts ensures that we are able to support artists as they embark on their journey, be it making a career in the arts or to engage with a passion.  Your support is not just to our organization, but to our students, artists, and teachers.

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