Living Arts of Tulsa is pleased to announce that New Arts Summer Camp will be happening in 2022!

New Arts Camp is a five-session camp where students are able to participate in a specific genre of contemporary art during each session. Students will participate in disciplines ranging from performing arts and digital creation to site specific art and storytelling.

All sessions meet from 12:30-4:30 pm during the week and cost $115 for the week (this includes all supplies).  

Enrollment is open!  Sign up HERE

If you need assistance paying for camp, we do offer Camp Scholarships on a case by case basis!  Please fill out the Request Form to apply today! HERE

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New Arts Summer Camp 2022 Sessions

2022 Camp Sessions

Session 1: Visual Arts Camp with Scott Taylor (June 7-10) - SOLD OUT
Visual Arts Camp is the perfect place for kids that are interested in art to grow in their abilities in a welcoming and encouraging environment. Students will learn about idea composition, color theory, style development, and more. All supplies are included.
Age Range: 10 - 17

Session 2: Sound and Self-Expression with Natty Watson (June 14-17)
In Sound and Self-Expression, students will explore the potential of abstract sound as a tool of creativity and self-expression. Noise, sound art, avant-amplification, “dead" formats, recording, and all things experimental and DIY. Students will learn hands-on, the ins and outs of experimental music and be taught workarounds to conventional practices for artistic self-empowerment via the audible realm in a laid back, open minded environment. All supplies are included.
Age Range: 12 - 17

Session 3: Creatures of the Sea with Madison Clary (July 12-15)
In Creatures of the Sea, students will embark on an exploratory art process using a variety of recycled mixed media items to create an installation focused on the effects pollution has on sea creatures. The concept of the class is to create sea creatures of your choice with the dilemma of pollution and making everyone’s work into an installation. With the rising numbers of pollution in the oceans, creating awareness by making three-dimensional sea creatures with a variety of recycled mixed media brings the concept of saving our sea to everyday life. All supplies are included.
Age Range: 12 - 17

Session 4: Exploration in Resin and Silicone with Emily Simonds (July 19-22)
Don’t let your creativity be confined! Learn about using both conventional and unconventional materials in unconventional ways through resin work and silicone mold making! Resin can be used for many applications ranging from game pieces and jewelry to plant potters and film props. This course will cover the basics of resin and silicone usage in art as well as show unorthodox applications for them in film, costuming, and installation art. Want to turn a diesel fuel line into a cyberpunk jacket sleeve? Well, you just might see that here. All supplies are included.
Age Range: 12 - 17

Session 5: Creative Dramatics with Cara Cox (August 9-12)
In Creative Dramatics, we will explore improvisational and informal processes centered forms of drama where students will be guided to imagine, act, and reflect upon experiences real or imaginary that come from their own human experience. Through role-play, improvisation, pantomime, movement, and sound we will create performance art that will open the young mind to the beauty of creativity in all forms. All supplies are included.
Age Range: 6 - 10