Grief & the Full Cup of Joy

“I started a new series of art in 2020, deciding to go back to my painting roots. Just after starting this series, I experienced the loss of two important beings in my life. Thus, this work has evolved into a series about grief, called Grief and the Full Cup of Joy. I explore the complex process of grief through art, painting images that examine my personal experiences, and the beauty that lies within a bleak subject matter. The hidden joy is represented not only in specific imagery, but in the bright, striking colors that are a juxtaposition to the dark imagery. Black lights will be available to view the colors in a new form, transforming each image. The exhibit will include paintings, video, installation, and a performance by Jessica Davenport. I dedicate Grief and the Full Cup of Joy to my father (Robert Kent McNett, 1955-2020) and my soulmate (Gonzo McNett-Murray, 2009-2020).”

About Mery McNett: Mery McNett is a Tulsa-based multimedia artist and a graduate of the University of Tulsa where she studied painting under artist Mark Lewis. She has worked in the Tulsa Arts District for over 10 years, creating graphic visuals and teaching various forms of art. She has had work shown throughout Oklahoma and other areas. Her work consists of various media, including sculpture, ink, watercolor, paintings, video art, etc.

Instagram: @merymcnett_designs
Facebook: @MeryMcNettDesigns

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Cult Canyon

“When we think of physical art, we commonly interpret the visual elements as the forefront, if not sole dimension, of the metaphorical viewing stage. This can be said in the context of appreciating pieces in a gallery, as well as, in the act of watching someone create.

Considering the potential of the audible dimension, we created a project series that would hold sound as in the forefront as the visual.

What we find in a series such as this, is an additional dimension in the process and appreciation of creating physical art. It is no longer the visual that serves as the primary focus, but rather shares it with the audible.

Cult Canyon is a study of the union between visual and sound art translated through the warmth of analog film and amplified mediums.”

About Cult Love Collective: Formed in 2015, Cult Love is a Tulsa, OK based multidisciplinary art and music collective. Cult Love’s artistic practice consists of sound art, videography, curation, installation, and beyond. As arts workers, Cult Love aims to create immersive connections between art and its viewers within the community.

Instagram: @cult_love_sound_tapes

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