Chandelier & other Luminous Objects

Friday, August 1, 2014 (All day) to Thursday, September 25, 2014 (All day)


First Friday Opening, Aug 1, 2014
6p-9p with a special Pre-Opening ArtTalk, 5:45p,

Continues through Sept 25, 2014, No Charge
Myers Gallery, Hours: T, W,F,S: 1-5p; Th: 1-9p. Closed Sun & Mon


Living Arts Artistic Director Steve Liggett wanted a challenge. His job at Living Arts required him to champion development and presentation of contemporary art to foster newly evolving ideas. He wondered how contemporary artists could think about light, and two years ago put out that challenge to the community. The response was the first Chandelier & Other Luminous Objects.

“I needed a good challenge – something that would motivate me to think of an artwork in a new way,” Liggett said. “I love doing this type of project – putting it out there and seeing what people will come up with.  All we can really do is provide opportunities, encourage, and let artists create as they will.”

That first exhibit delighted, intrigued, and enchanted art goers. The Chandelier challenge returns this year and opens August 1 for the Brady Arts District Art Crawl and runs through September 25. There will be a curator talk prior to the opening at 5:45.

The three dozen Chandeliers are the result of a call to artists. Each artist was asked to take the basic concept of the chandelier - a branched, decorative fixture designed to hold a number of illuminating objects that is suspended from a ceiling - and express it as they saw fit. But this year there is a twist.

This time, we broadened the spectrum of the exhibit’s concept to incorporate floor and wall installed artworks which emit light,” Liggett said. “Given an open opportunity, Oklahoma artists always rise to the top and surprise me with new and interesting work!  Now, you will see how creative people can be when they are challenged to make something like these … objects that emit light.”


The resulting Chandeliers, sconces and lamps do not look like anything you can buy at a home supply store. E.G. Neal has created a four-headed rusted-metal monster for his contribution. Jeannette Brown entered a mixed-media piece compiled from wire, plastic, paper and wool into a representation of a porcupine. Rachel Bruce Johnson uses light as a dance partner for a dance performance piece that will be part of the show and take place at 8 p.m.


Participating artists include:

Thadius Abernathy, Krista Benskin, Heidi BigKnife, Jeanette Brown, Julie Clark, Jason Coates, Stacey Cole, Elizabeth Downing , Karl Engel, Eric Fransen, Ashley Guthrie, Nancy Hamill, Hannah Heithold, Johnson, Kalee Jones, Olga Lipatz, Beatriz Mayorca, Hugh McDougal, Bruce McGrath, Mery McNett , Caryl Morgan, R.C. Morrison, E.G. Neal, Travis Neely, Teresa Rechter, Carlyn C. Ritter, Matthew Ruyle, Diane Salamon, Sam Shoffner, Geoffrey Simpson



Special thanks to the George Kaiser Family Foundation and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts