EXPATRIATE, Lenelle Moise

"EXPATRIATE" a two-act play with all vocal music. Poet, playwright, and performer Lenelle Moise has written, composed and stars in a compelling two woman production.

Friday, MARCH 1 & Saturday, March 2 at the Nightingale Theater at 8 p.m.

Nightingale Theater is located at 1416 East 4th Street ( East of Peoria)


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Achingly platonic soulmates Claudie and Alphine are unsung musicians and longtime best-friends. Both wrestle with the addiction, abandonment and sexual trauma that run in their respective family histories. Diligent, dutiful, Julliard-trained composer Claudie may or may not be celibate while sparkly, indulgent Alphine has more natural star-potential and sex appeal than she knows what to do

with. When Claudie’s troubled brother (Alphine’s boyfriend) Omar dies of a drug overdose, the mourning women flee to Europe to pursue their American dreams. In Paris, the two forgo fruitless solo careers to join forces as the sultry singing duo Black Venus. Parisians dub them “the greatest act since Josephine Baker” and they quickly rise to fame and fortune. Tensions rise as Claudie finds sexual freedom, artistic sustenance and spiritual regeneration through her new life abroad while Alphine’s hunger for adoration from a celebrity-mad culture spins tragically out of control. Supported by playwright/ composer Lenelle Moise’s funk-infused all-vocal score, two actors weave the story of Black Venus’ fantastic rise to fame and tragic fall from glory.http://lenellemoise.com/

 Lenelle Moise Adult Workshop

"Radical Voice & Movement”Workshop fee: No Charge

Wed, February 27, 2013
Where: Living Arts LAB, 308 S Kenosha Av.

This is an interactive and highly physical performance workshop for actors, musicians, dancers, poets or anyone interested in radical self-expression and improvisational vocal composition. Playwright, composer and performer and Lenelle Moise guides participants through a series of ensemble theatre exercises & thematic "sound jams." The voice and body are explored as texts. Wear loose comfortable clothing! – Made possible with assistance from the MAAA & NPN
, but Reservations suggested, space limited. Call 918-585-1234 or email to reserve space.

Lenelle Moise Student Workshop

"Reciting Mightily: Performing with Power & Poise"Workshop fee: No Charge
Saturday, March 2, 2013
Where: Living ArtSpace, 307 E Brady St.

In this workshop we will develop an ensemble performance poem for the stage. Combining theatre exercises and writing prompts, we will practice speaking and embodying words with clarity, conviction, rhythm and joy. As we explore tone, tempo, gesture, eye contact and memorization, participants will develop self-awareness, artistic voice, stage presence and collaborative ease. Wear loose comfortable clothing! This workshop was made possible with assistance from the MAAA & NPN