Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 8:00pm
Fission: Fusion
Lindsey Allgood, curator
Program Assistant & Fine Arts Writing Fellow, OU Writing Center The University of Oklahoma is curator for an adventurous evening featuring artists, from Oklahoma, San Francisco, The Netherlands, Berlin, Toronto, & Dubai. 11 performance pieces of Fission: Fusion.

 $7, $5 for Members


Bernard Roddy and Ieke Trinks, projection with sound

Mery McNett video

Jalisa Haggins and Molly Youngblood, performance

Ellen Lake, video

Zahra Jewanjee and Simon Coates, sound

Ryan Harris, performance

Amy Luznicky and Rick, Harrelson, performance

Matteo Pasin, video

Elizabeth Cunningham, video

Johannes Zits, performance