Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 6:00pm

Solo Concert by Judy Dunaway

Saturday, March 4, 6:00pm, Living ArtSpace

Tickets are FREE to the public thanks to our generous sponsors!

TICKETS FOR JUDY DUNAWAY PERFORMANCE must be reserved by making your reservation online.  This is on a first-come basis.  And please, be considerate and cancel your reservation if you are not going to use it so that someone else might enjoy these great events!


Judy Dunaway is an avant-garde composer, free improvisor, conceptual sound artist, transmission artist and creator of sound installations who is primarily known for her sound works for latex balloons. Since 1990 she has created over forty works for balloons as sound conduits and has also made this her main instrument for improvisation.

For this performance, Ms Dunaway will be presenting a solo concert and Balloon Symphony No. 2 which is an audience participatory event.



Judy Dunaway has presented her balloon works at many important venues, festivals, museums and galleries including the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Cologne), Avant-Garde Schwaz Festival (Austria), Alternative Museum (NYC), Bang on a Can Festival (NYC), Everson Art Museum (Syracuse), Frau Musica Nova Festival (Cologne), Fylkingen (Stockholm), Galerie Rachel Haferkamp (Cologne), Guelph Jazz Festival (Canada), Le Lieu Unique (Nantes, France), Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors (NYC), Logos (Gent, Belgium), New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC), Performance Space 122 (NYC), Podewil (Berlin), Roulette (NYC), CEAIT Festival (Los Angeles), Séance Ecoute (Paris), Seltsame Musik Festival (Krems, Austria), SoHo Arts Festival (NYC), STEIM (Amsterdam) and Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karlsruhe). She has performed as a balloon player in compositions by John Zorn and Roscoe Mitchell, and in improvisations and/or collaborations with the FLUX Quartet, performance artist Annie Sprinkle, video artist Zev Robinson, visual artists Nancy Davidson and Ken Butler, percussionists John Hollenbeck and Matt Moran, the Illuminati big band, DJ Singe, and numerous others. Her creations for balloons include both electronic and multi-media works and compositions that incorporate more traditional instrumentation such as chorus, piano, saxophone, string quartet and Japanese koto.

She has also been creating sound installations with latex balloons since 1999. Flying F*ck (2000), a sound installation using suspended vibrators and balloons to create low-frequency standing waves, was exhibited at Moltkerei Werkstatt (Cologne), Kunstlerhaus (Dortmund) and ZKM (Karlsruhe), and reviewed in Kunstforum International art journal. Her installation Manual Eardrums (2002), in which visitors trace sound patterns in a room by holding a balloon, has been presented at Diapason Gallery (NYC), Galerie Rachel Haferkamp (Cologne), Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT), CUBA (Muenster) and Ohrenhoch Sound Gallery (Berlin).





More at: http://www.jeweltone16.org/judydunaway/index.html