Open Applications 

Please email with any further questions related to the following applications:


Quarantine Art Showcase (2020)

This exhibition is intended to highlight the unique talents the Tulsa Arts community has to offer and encourage past, present, and future member artists to display their work at Living Arts and continue creating art that makes you talk. All proposed art should be created while in quarantine (staying safe at home during COVID 19 pandemic).


Teaching Artists: Flip the Gallery (2020) 

Living Arts is "flipping" the gallery during this COVID-19 pandemic as a way to encourage students and creatives alike to engage with the arts from their homes. We are going to be offering programming online through various platforms as a way to encourage people to create on their own time - in their own space. Living Arts invites artists to join us on this adventure, as we reach out to our community and bond together during these trying times

Available Dates:

May 23, 2020
May 30, 2020
June 6, 2020
June 13, 2020
June 20, 2020
June 27, 2020
July 4, 2020


Teaching Artists: New Arts Summer Camp (2020) 

Living Arts considers education a vital component of aesthetic experience: shared vocabulary around contemporary art and knowledge production are key qualities of art engagement. Living Arts employs regional, national, and international teaching artists from a variety of backgrounds. Please note that this year, summer camp will have a virtual component to each session.

New Arts Camp will be taught in sessions this year, below are the available sessions:

Session 1 - Poetry & Spoken Word (June 9-12, 2020)
Session 3 - New Music Camp (July 7-10, 2020)
Session 5 - Visual Arts Camp (August 4-7, 2020)


Gallery Window Exhibition (Summer 2020) 

Living Arts of Tulsa invites artists to showcase their work on the windows of our gallery! We are seeking artists to paint our gallery windows on the corner of Reconciliation Way and Detroit for the summer of 2020. Art brings people together in times such as these, thus we believe showcasing works in this socially distanced manner can only improve our community.

We will be providing a theme for those windows and showcasing the innovation and creativity of our local artists.

June - Safer at Home
July - Stronger Together
August - Tulsa Strong


Race Massacre Centennial Project Proposal (2020) 

Living Arts of Tulsa currently seeks exhibition and project proposals for June of 2021. Provide the selection committee with an understanding of your artistic practice and how your work connects to the mission of the organization.


Living Arts Exhibition Application (2021) 

Living Arts presents and develops critically- engaged contemporary art in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are a platform for evolving ideas and aesthetics, interdisciplinary and community empowerment through exhibitions, workshops, performances, films, lectures, and education: engendering artistic integrity and experimentation for a thoughtful and rigorous arts ecology.

Provide the selection committee with an understanding of your artistic practice and how your work connects to the mission of the organization.  Exhibitions will be accepted based on committee approval and calendar availability. Our 2020 exhibition calendar is currently full, so you are applying for the 2021 calendar year.