Signs of Mate-Reality: PERAZA

Friday, January 6, 2017 (All day) to Thursday, January 26, 2017 (All day)

Living Arts of Tulsa is pleased to present Signs of Mate-Reality by Winston Peraza. We invite you to the opening reception during the The Tulsa Arts District's First Friday on Friday, Jan 6, 2016 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Peraza's work contemplates the definitive nature of "the object" as a presence in and of itself while questioning the spectators' tendency to read all art as representational, symbolic or referential. This work questions notions of "meaning" and "story-telling" by making it evident that it is the viewer who constructs and perhaps attaches meaning and narrative to the work in a somewhat arbitrary manner. This work will also oscillate between simplicity and complexity through the use of overlapping "languages" provided by the interplay between the objects' physical design and construction, the use of color, texture and form applied to the materials and even the use of recognizable symbols such as type, hand writings, patterns, etc


Myers Gallery Spoken Word Performance





Artist Bio:

Winston Peraza is a founding partner and chief creative officer at Cubic, a Tulsa-based
creative agency, providing design, branding, marketing and advertising services in all
media. Over a career that spans more than fifteen years and four different countries,
Winston has consistently pushed the limits of creative innovation. As a founder of the
Loft Design Group (1997), Particle, Inc. (2002), Inc. and more recently Cubic, one idea
has remained at the center of Winston’s creative endeavors: Relevance, timeliness and
authenticity are key to establishing strong connections with any audience.
Winston Peraza is a multilingual visual artist and graphic designer born in Caracas,
Venezuela who recently became an American citizen with experience in a wide range of
design, communication and fine art endeavors. He has won numerous awards in many
areas of design and fine art, including interactive design, printed media, branding, and
environmental design. In addition, Winston has become a highly visible figure in the
design and advertising communities through public speaking engagements for
professional organizations and universities in the United States and abroad. Winston
also taught a Master’s level course at the Hochschule Liecthenstein’s school of
Architecture on “How to sell Architecture” focusing on the integration of concept
formulation, presentation techniques and portfolio design in Vaduz, Liechtenstein for
three semesters, starting in Summer 2007.
Winston has 6 years of independent and academic studies in design, typography, color
theory, philosophy and analytical drawing at the Insituto de Diseño Hans Newman
(Caracas, Venezuela), Instituto ProDiseño (Caracas, Venezuela), Universidad de
Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico) and the University of Tulsa (Tulsa, USA) where he
received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995.

Parallel to his career as a graphic designer, Winston has always explored other avenues
for his creativity, more specifically as an accomplished painter, sculptor and multimedia
artist. He has shown his work in collective shows in Mexico, Venezuela and the US, and
had his first sold-out, one-man show in Caracas, Venezuela during the winter of 1997.
Winston's work has evolved over the years maintaining the sense of exploration of
materials and techniques as a constant trademark in his art. From traditional print
making to large format paintings on aluminum and wood, to multimedia-installations in
collaboration with other American artists, Winston has managed to blend the world of
personal artistic expression and his career as a graphic designer. Winston’s latest work
consisting of large format, hand-carved, HDU (High Density Urethane) was on display
during the month of October, 2010 at Liggett Studio, in Tulsa Oklahoma.