Municipal Court

The City of Jenks Municipal Court is the Judicial Branch of city government and is created by state law and city ordinance as a Court Not of Record. The Municipal Court serves the citizens of Jenks through the efficient processing of misdemeanor violations.  All felonies and misdemeanors committed in the City of Jenks, but outside the parameters of the Jenks City Code, are prosecuted in Tulsa County District Court.

The maximum fine in Municipal Court is $800.00 and/or 30 days in jail.  This does not include state mandated fees or court cost. The Presiding Municipal Judge is appointed by City Council and is responsible for the determination of an alleged violation of a municipal ordinance in an impartial and unbiased manner. 

The Court Clerk is responsible for recording of case dispositions, preparing writs, processes and other administrative support.  This division gives receipts for all fines and fees payable to the court, deposits the funds with the Finance Department, and also prepares necessary fiscal reports as well as statistical reports. 


A citation, also referred to as ticket, is a legal document charging an individual with a violation of a municipal ordinance. Once a citation is issued, the individual receiving it is required to take certain action. 

An individual has the right to enter a plea of not guilty, nolo contendere, or guilty.  A plea of not guilty means an individual does not believe they committed the violation in which they are accused.  A plea of nolo contendere means an individual is not contesting the violation resulting in a finding of guilt.  This plea is often referred to as a no contest plea.  A plea of guilty means admitting guilt and paying the established fine, state required fees and court cost.               

A plea of Guilty or No Contest, may be selected:                                                                                                                                                                                            

Pay Online~ Pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover by clicking here. 

Pay By Mail~ Enclose a citation copy, make cashier's check, personal check or money order payable to the Jenks Municipal Court P.O. Box 2007, Jenks, OK, 74037.  A payment must be received by your assigned court date;

Pay In Person~ Payment of cash, cashier's check, money order, personal check or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) is accepted at the Court Clerk's office located at 211 N. Elm, Jenks, OK, 74037.  Business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, except payments must be made by 4:00 p.m. on court dates. The office is closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays; or,

Appear in Court~ Each citation is assigned a court date and time. Court Time is at 5:30 PM on your assigned date.  If payment is not received by the assigned court date, an appearance before the Municipal Judge is required. The Courtroom is located on the first floor of Jenks City hall at 211 North Elm, Jenks, OK, 74037.

Warrant ~By failing to appear or pay by your court date, a warrant shall be issued assessing a warrant fee, and driving privileges suspended.  A warrant may be issued the day following the missed court date. Warrants may be transferred to a collection agency and an additional 25% fee will be charged.

A Plea of Not Guilty:

     Appear at the Court on your scheduled date and enter the plea of not guilty, and the Court will assign a trial date or call the Court Clerk’s office the day before your scheduled court date to get a trial date. 

Trial Information:

·         Each party will be given the opportunity to present their case including but not limited to documents, photographs, videos or other discovery;

·         All witness testimony must be given in open court after being sworn under oath by the Municipal Judge.  A written witness statement is not admissible;  

·         Once all pertinent evidence is presented, the Municipal Judge will administer a judgment;

·         If found not guilty, the judge may dismiss the case without cost; and

·         If found guilty, a fine, state required fees and court cost can be assessed.

Juvenile Information:

·         If the violation recipient is a juvenile, meaning under the age of 18 at the time of the violation, a Parent or Guardian is required to appear, unless the citation is payed before the scheduled court date; 

·         Criminal offense is heard during closed session and is not accessible to the public.

Citizen Complaints:

·         A citizen is able to file a violation against another citizen by filling out a citizen’s complaint against the other party; if complainant drops the charges he/she is responsible for a court cost of $30.00.

Appeal Information:

·         A Notice of Appeal may be filed by the defendant in Tulsa County District Court, within ten (10) days from the date of the final judgment, and by filing a copy of the notice with the Jenks Court Clerk;

·         A cash bond of two times the original judgment amount shall be deposited with the Jenks Court Clerk; and,

·         Once judgment is administered by Tulsa County District Court, the Jenks Court Clerk shall administer the retained funds in compliance of the new judgment.  

Attorney Information:

·         The Attorney may call the Court Clerk’s office the day before the arraignment court date to enter a plea of not guilty and get a trial court date.  

·         Consult client and/or witness in advance as to proper courtroom decorum and dress;

·         A possible Continuance is to be presented before the Municipal Judge in open court. No exceptions; and

·         A Motion of Withdraw of Counsel is to be presented to the Court Clerk's office at least ten (10) days prior the clients court appearance.


Particular violations may receive a dismissal with an administrative assessment or court cost. The following conditions apply to each particular violation. Certain time is allotted dependent upon the violation type. 

It is the responsibility of the recipient to verify the Court Clerk's office receives proper proof and the violation is dismissed upon payment of a court cost. If a violation is not dismissed by the Court Clerk's office, a court appearance before the Municipal Judge is available:

  • Defective Equipment~ Vehicle will need to be inspected by the Police Department and will be dismissed with $30.00 court cost. “Code 4 Vehicle” notation on your ticket will need to be inspected prior to       your court date by the Police Department if repaired, your ticket will be made a Warning. 
  • Insurance~ Provide valid insurance verification in effect on your citation date before your court date and upon verification, the violation will be dismissed with no cost. Proof of valid insurance after the           ticket date will reduce the price of the ticket with proof to the Court Clerk before your court date.
  • No Driver's License in Possession~ Provide valid driver's license on or before the assigned court date and the violation may be dismissed upon payment of court costs. If valid proof is not provided timely, you will need to appear in court no later than the assigned court date;
  • Expired Tag~ Provide proof of current registration and if provided before the assigned court date, the violation may be dismissed upon payment of court costs. If valid proof is not provided before your            court date, you will need to appear on the assigned court date;
  • Parking in a Handicap Zone without a Placard Displayed~ Provide proof of a valid placard within 72 hours of the violation may be dismissed with a court cost.


  • Security~ Court security is stationed and observe all court proceedings;
  • Weapon~ The court's definition of a weapon is any item that could be used to intimidate, assault or injury another. This includes but is not limited to a gun, with or without a permit; a knife, regardless of        its size or its intent; mace; a chain; a baton; or any other tool or item. Questionable items will be removed by law enforcement;
  • Identification~ Valid identification or the citation is required during arraignment;
  • Etiquette~ All parties will treat each other in a professional and respectful manner. Profanity or profane gestures will not be tolerated;
  • Dress~ All clothing is to be clean and professional. Dress not allowed include: shorts; tank tops; camisoles; tube tops; and athletic cut-off shirts. All shirts must completely cover the midriff area and skirts      must be appropriate length. Clothing deemed offensive or profane is not allowed; No hats shall be worn in the court room.
  • Electronics~ Cell phones or electronic device usage is not allowed during a court session except for purpose of displaying or providing evidence. Any other use is not allowed;
  • Children~ An infant or young child is not allowed in the courtroom. Prior arrangements should be made for childcare;  
  • Tobacco~ Use of tobacco, in any form whether true or synthetic, is forbidden. 
  • Noise~ Unnecessary noise or talking is not allowed. The court shall preserve order and quiet in the courtroom; and
  • Contempt of Court~ May be administered by the court in order to protect the rights of the parties and the interests of the public by assuring the administration of justice is not obscured.


  1. If I pay my citation before my assigned court date, do I still have to appear in court?  No.  If a citation is paid before your scheduled court date, your court appearance is not required.
  2. What if I'm unable to pay my citation by my court date?  You still have the option to appear before the Municipal Judge. You may plead over the phone or in person before your court date and get an extension on time to pay. 
  3. Will the violation go on my driving record?  Under Oklahoma law, the court is required to transmit a violation within five (5) days of the final disposition date to the Department of Public Safety.  For additional questions, contact DPS at (405) 425-2059.  
  4. What happens if I fail to appear at my arraignment?  If the citation is not paid, a warrant is issued.  See Notice for warrant information.
  5. Can someone else pay my citation?  Yes.  A citation copy is required to accurately process your payment.
  6. Can I obtain a copy of my driving record?  Yes.  A driving record is available at any tag agency.
  7. Can I obtain a copy of my history with the court?  Yes.  Your history is available with valid identification, a fee of $1.00 per page, and the completion of an Open Records Request. 
  8. If I have a warrant for my arrest, what are my options:  You can either pay with cash, cashier's check, money order or credit card at the Court Clerk's office, or turn yourself into the custody of the Jenks Police Department.  The Municipal Judge is contacted and will administer his judgment at the jail.
  9. Once my warrant is paid and closed, how do I reinstate my driver's license? When a warrant is closed, the Court Clerk's office will process a release for the suspended driver's license. 
  10. Requirements of D.P.S.:  Take the release to the Department of Public Safety located at 3190 West 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74107. The phone number for Driver Compliance is 918-632-7700.  The suspended driver's license is not reinstated until the requirements of Department of Public Safety are satisfied.  


Under Oklahoma law, a dishonored check or other dishonored payment is considered nonpayment.  If you fail to honor your promise to appear or otherwise fail to satisfy this charge on or before your arraignment date, the following may occur:

  • An arrest warrant may be issued;
  • Your driver's license may be suspended under the Non-Resident Violator Compact;
  • A warrant fee of $20.00 may be assessed;
  • After 30-60 days, the warrant will be transferred to American Municipal Services, assessing of 25% collection fee; and
  • The Oklahoma Tax Commission may be notified and said amount may be filed against state income tax return in accordance with Oklahoma State Law.


The intent of this page it to provide pertinent information regarding the processes and structure of the Jenks Municipal Court.  This page contains options available to those in receipt of a citation issued by a Complaining Party, Jenks Police Department, Code Enforcement, or Animal Control.  The court is not responsible for the misinterpretation of the information provided on this page.